Construction Client Case Study

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Smith Schafer is proud of our clients. Our success is the direct result of our client’s success. We are an award-winning public accounting and business consulting firm offering a proactive advisory relationship to business clients.

Industry knowledge and close collaboration are instrumental in providing construction companies with the insight and awareness to make the best business decisions and seize growth opportunities. We demonstrate our value by anticipating client needs rather than reacting to their requests. The following construction industry client case study is just a sample of Smith Schafer’s results. For more information about our approach to client solutions, visit our services pages.

Below is a case study of how we have helped one of our Twin Cities construction clients
Steve Kucera, CFO, Schoenfelder Renovations


Q: How long have you worked with Smith Schafer?

A: Schoenfelder Renovations has worked with Smith Schafer since February 2016.


Q: What services does Smith Schafer provide for Schoenfelder Renovations? 

A: The Smith Schafer Team helps us with audited financials, Sage 50 and all-around accounting support. Having our financials audited annually and Tim Pass, a Smith Schafer Audit Principal, as a member of our Board, brings immense knowledge and industry expertise to the conversation. 


Q: Can you describe a time when Smith Schafer really came through for Schoenfelder Renovations? 

A: A few years ago, we changed our accounting staff. Smith Schafer Principal, Tim Pass, and Smith Schafer IT Principal, Tim Jewell, reviewed our accounting system and assisted us in creating best practices going forward to help grow the company.


Q: What are the most important reasons you stay with Smith Schafer?

A: Their willingness to help the company grow and the team’s knowledge and industry expertise.


Schoenfelder Renovations is a nationwide general contractor offering hotel, multi-housing and box store renovations. With years of experience in commercial work, they can help property reach its fullest potential. Check out their website for more details:




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