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GUIDE: Construction Anti-Fraud Checklist

Reading Time: 1 minute Enron. WorldCom. AIG. Lehman Brothers. Thanks to their massive fraud cases that made front-page news, these company names are familiar. Their stories have made us more aware of fraud and how it can...
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Minnesota Manufacturers Survey Key Highlights

Reading Time: 2 minute Success in the manufacturing industry requires pushing your shop floor to run faster, leaner, and more efficiently. It also requires you to have sound systems in place to monitor and control all...
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How to Improve Your Construction Company's Profitability

Reading Time: 4 minute Profit is essential for business because it determines the company's stability. Having a significant profit also gives you the ability to grow and expand your construction business in the future....
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2022 Tax Deadline Calendar

Reading Time: 1 minute Make sure your calendar is up-to-date with these important deadlines.
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Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Ending

Reading Time: 2 minute IRS issues ERC guidance In November, the passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act retroactively eliminated the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for wages paid after October 1, 2021, for...
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Steps to Organize for Tax Preparation

Reading Time: 2 minute Simple Steps to Make 2022 Tax Filing Easier As we approach the end of the year, Smith Schafer would like to help you reduce the stress related to filing taxes. It is important to organize your...
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What is my Manufacturing Company Worth?

Reading Time: 4 minute   Do you understand what your manufacturing company is worth? There are many reasons to have your business analyzed by a business valuation professional. Some of the most common are for gifting,...
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GUIDE: Construction Industry Benchmarking

Reading Time: minute Is your construction company performing as well as its industry peers? Construction benchmarking is an essential tool for business owners looking to improve their overall performance. The process...
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