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Business Valuation Approaches

Reading Time: 3 minute How would you value a business? The three approaches appraisers use to value a business are essentially a matter of common sense. You start with the balance sheet and adjust the book values of assets...
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Minnesota Mechanical Contractors Association Presentation

Reading Time: minute This week we presented at the Minnesota Mechanical Contractors Association.
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Sales Tax Implications for the Transportation Industry

Reading Time: 1 minute The transport of people and products often has varying considerations when it comes to state sales tax implications. Sales tax is assessed on some items, but not others. The summary outlined below...
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4 Takeaways from ACG Construction Industry Survey

Reading Time: 2 minute Success in the construction industry requires the ability to cost-effectively create a building structure and support system, including systems such as electrical, plumbing, or HVAC. It also requires...
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Valuation: The Market Value Formula

Reading Time: 2 minute The words “Business Value” or “Business Valuation” by themselves hold more than a singular definition. The complexity of business valuations, makes it challenging to fully grasp what is involved in...
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Metrics & Benchmarking for Manufacturing Companies

Reading Time: 4 minute   Due to the disruption in the global markets and forced shutdowns, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to conditions that negatively affected most manufacturers. Noticeable effects of the pandemic include...
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GUIDE: Construction Anti-Fraud Checklist

Reading Time: 1 minute Enron. WorldCom. AIG. Lehman Brothers. Thanks to their massive fraud cases that made front-page news, these company names are familiar. Their stories have made us more aware of fraud and how it can...
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Minnesota Manufacturers Survey Key Highlights

Reading Time: 2 minute Success in the manufacturing industry requires pushing your shop floor to run faster, leaner, and more efficiently. It also requires you to have sound systems in place to monitor and control all...
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